About Us

Dafé is a family owned business & it's story starts back in 2004 when the first Royal Handicrafts store opened in Berkeley, California. The first store featured handmade clothes, jewelry, artifacts and oil paintings from Nepal. Royal Handicrafts then expanded into a wholesale business selling hand made clothing and accessories made in Nepal using traditional techniques, cotton fabrics and hand embroidery. Around 1000 stores currently carry "thecollectionroyal" brand in the United States.

Dafé, a sister concern of Royal Handicrafts, was launched 10 years later in 2014 with 2 stores in the Bay Area. Dafé now offers beautiful, exotic and mostly handmade clothing, accessories, jewelry and gifts from all over the world including Nepal, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru and USA. Our clothing and accessories are very distinctive with mesmerizing colors which will add a spark to any outfit. Our wellness corner offers products to relax and soothe ones senses.

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Updated on 11/10/2021.